Gamification in eLearning

Here we will take a peek at a few examples in which good gamification in eLearning will demonstrate guiding principles.

Till Training Game

Kineo worked with McDonald’s UK upon a real game changer within the market. The Till Training Game by McDonald’s UK generated a memorable and engaging learning experience in order to support the introduction of a brand new till system to 1,300 restaurants and trended for a while on social media websites as learners established self-styled leader boards in order to compete against one another. Here include a few of the aspects which assisted in making this gamified approach operate:


Game centers around utilizing a simulation of the brand new till system in order for a learners’ capability of taking orders to be tested, utilizing questions to evaluate knowledge about how to generate the ideal customer experience. The till game is full on and real-time. Learners handle customer orders, going in between till entry and customer conversation, while being timed, in order to practice the till system, as well as reach customer expectation.
Strong usage of stories for emotional engagement and context. The scene is realistic (in a restaurant), there will include characters (customers), as well as narratives (different customers and orders)
A lot of game mechanics for engagement and fun, that is, bonuses, lifelines, and panel components to advance the feel of gamification.


The immersive interactive training is obtainable via a browser or may be launched on mobile devices or through an app. The goal of the training includes making people aware of the fundamental measures in responding to an occasion in which somebody (potentially a stranger) experiences choking or a cardiac arrest.

Learn by doing module:

Offers a series of decision points in which if you make the proper decision to save a life, and if you do not, somebody dies.

Medieval Swansea

Built in Elucidat, the rich interactive game gets learners to take on the role of detective in order to solve a mystery. It bursts with gaming features and is completely responsive, making it operate nicely on virtually all devices and platforms.

Setting driven with branching:

Learners-player are taken all through a sequence of scenes with a lot of stages in order to unlock in solving a medieval mystery. Interactive challenges will take them on a journey to collect bonuses and points to tackle the challenge.

Virtual Reality House

Double gold medalist with Elearning Awards, Virtual Reality House allows trades trainees like plumbers to practice their skillset in a completely immersive virtual reality simulation, permitting them to make errors safely and learn from them to build competence and confidence prior to embarking on the workshop-based portion of the course.

Training includes an i3D engine constructed on the Unity 3D framework that permits quick creation of interactive training settings.

Heineken Capability Academy

Heineken, not content with gamified eLearning alone, received an actual physical board game to go along with its combined Brightwave solution.


Tube-type map will keep play-learners up-to-date on their progress and will show them where they’re headed.


Dynamic leaderboard offers chance to check how you’re doing, compete with other people and show your success off.

Challenges and quests:

Player-learners will answer questions in order to earn points.


Online environment will imitate the real-life board game, with the players interacting with selected question cards, as well as real time scoreboard.

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